My name is Chantal Larochelle and I am the person behind Cemetery Photography by Chantal Larochelle. I am a graphic designer and photographer living in Sudbury, Ontario.

I am a member of the Association for Gravestone Studies, as well as a contributing photographer for Find a Grave.

I have a deep love for cemeteries and graveyards and spend a lot of my free time exploring them. I have been photographing them for over 15 years. I use photography to showcase the details of gravestones and their iconography, as well as highlight interesting epitaphs, and items left behind by loved ones.

I also like to blog about my adventures exploring cemeteries, and what you can learn from them and the people laid to rest within them. On the blog, you can find stories about my visits to famous and not-so-famous graves, deeper looks into the symbolism of funerary art, cemetery-related book reviews, and even the odd tombstone recipe!

Drop me a line at hello@chantallarochelle.ca

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