Nipissing District Cemeteries, Ontario

Barber Pioneer Cemetery, Restoule ON ©2019

Cache Bay Public Cemetery, Cache Bay ON ©2022

Calvin Township Public Cemetery also known as Union Cemetery Calvin Township, Eau Claire ON ©2022

Cedar Grove Cemetery, Restoule ON ©2019

Commanda Cemetery, Nipissing Township ON ©2019

Feronia Cemetery, North Bay ON ©2019

Field Public Cemetery, Field ON ©2016, 2021

Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Calvin ON ©2022

Mowat Cemetery also known as Canoe Lake Cemetery, Algonquin Park ON ©2022

Nipissing Junction Union Cemetery, North Bay ON ©2019

Nipissing Union Cemetery, Township of Nipissing ON ©2019

Sacred Heart Cemetery, Corbeil ON ©2019, 2021

Saint Mary’s Cemetery, North Bay ON ©2019

St. John’s Alsace, Nipissing Township ON ©2019

St. John’s Anglican Cemetery, North Bay ON ©2019

Terrace Lawn Cemetery, North Bay ON ©2019

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