Sudbury District Cemeteries, Ontario

Elbow Ridge Cemetery, Estaire ON ©2008

Espanola Cemetery, Espanola ON ©2021

Grandview Cemetery, Massey ON ©2022

Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Cemetery, Massey ON ©2022

Lee Valley Cemetery, Lee Valley ON ©2021

Nairn Community Cemetery, Nairn Centre ON ©2021

Nairn Roman Catholic Cemetery, Nairn Centre ON ©2022

Notre Dame de Lourdes Cemetery, Alban ON ©2008, 2022

River Road Cemetery, Massey ON ©2021

St. David’s Municipal Cemetery, Noelville ON ©2009, 2021

St. Lawrence Catholic Cemetery, Webbwood ON ©2021

Warren Catholic Cemetery, also known as St. Thomas Cemetery, Warren ON ©2009, 2022

Warren Protestant Cemetery, Warren ON ©2009, 2022

Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Massey ON ©2020, 2022

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