Winding down for Winter

The leaves have almost all fallen and the icy weather is making its cold return. Winter is almost here!

It’s been a great summer and fall season for cemetery visits. I hit my target and surpassed it—visiting over 100 cemeteries! But, I am not a fan of winter and trudging around in the snow, so I mostly hibernate in winter. I plan on taking full advantage of cozy-couch-time to catch up on my reading; the AGS Quarterly, back issues of Markers, and my ever-growing to-be-read-pile of fiction and non-fiction. Now that I have a better handle on my blogging and social media schedule, I want to take advantage of this downtime and introduce some new things on the blog.

For one, I would like to start a book review series, featuring reference material and cemetery-related books. I’ll take a look at some of my favorite past reads and reference books, as well as document what I am currently reading. I am always looking for recommendations as well, so feel free to post them in the comments!

Secondly, I also want to take this time to do some much-needed portfolio updates. I have collected a lot of new photos this year, that need sifting through and editing. I will flag these updates on my social channels when there are new photos up. I may also play with the layout of my portfolio section on the website—we’ll see!

Thirdly, I will be planning more road trips for next year! I have gotten into the habit of using Google’s My Maps to create maps for cemetery road trips. I love researching areas and discovering abandoned and hidden cemeteries, as well as roadside attractions and oddities. All this research may spawn some blog posts along the way as well.

Speaking of which, expect more posts on the blog! I have a lot of posts on the back burner right now. Many were started months ago but were put aside because I was busy with road trips or personal matters. Many posts are half-started, or just bare-bones at the moment. Some are just ideas floating around in my head. I had planned a few spookier posts for the Halloween season, but unfortunately, they never came to be. October is always super busy for me, and those posts just got away from me. I’m hoping to get those specific posts polished and ready for next Halloween season.

If you have any blog topics you would like to see me cover, please send me a note or post in the comments. I am always looking to hear feedback from readers.

Thanks for joining me on my cemetery adventures!

2 thoughts on “Winding down for Winter

  1. How wonderfully exciting! Everything you shared sounds wonderfully interesting – very much including the book reviews. I’m a lifelong bookworm myself and share book reviews on my site, so am looking forward to any and all that you may post here.

    I hear you big time regarding October. It is always one of, if not “the” busiest months at our house (Thanksgiving, multiple family birthdays in rapid succession, our wedding anniversary, Halloween, Samhain, and plenty of other festive happenings), so I *try* to pen some of my content in advance and squeeze in a bit more (essentially) in the moment, if possible. Even though, it always feels like there’s more I would have liked to have posted each spooky season. On the plus side though, that does keep the ol’ idea file brimming year after year, and that is not a bad thing in the slightest in my books.

    Thank you very much for sharing some of your blogging related plans with us. I’m even more excited now to see what you’ll be sharing here with us this winter and beyond.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

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    1. Thanks for your comments Autumn! I will definitely have to go take a closer look at your book reviews. I love finding new reads to add to my TBR list. You are very right, having lots of blog ideas is really not a bad thing at all. Thank you so much for reading!

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